Friday, November 11, 2005

38 Special

Unfortunately, sometimes in stalking alone not all questions can be answered and this was the case with Mr. 38 Special. So, one of our newest and latest victims is this alleged Mr. 38 Special, but sadly enough his background information was not released before I finally had my dream encounter. Headliners was the oasis this time, as it has been for many a drunk girl before me. Through all of the boom boom room chaos the waters part and there he is... Mr. 38 Special, "the HOT dad", or whatever other small catch phrase I have used to describe my latest crush, standing in front of me rolling laughing with this look on his face like "wow, i thought you were in highschool" cause he did. (Wait, REEEVERSE...he is a dad at the school where i teach preschool, I see this man EVERYDAY) So there I am shaking it in the infamous Boom Boom room with the newest love of my life to OUR song "Let Me Ride That Donkey." So a few more drinks and close conversations in the "Cigar Bar" lead to me to realizing that hmm maybe this is not THE ONE. There is an almost slight trashy aura around him although he is quite the looker. But then comes the best part....HIS AGE. I have gone over his age in my mind and to me, his face says "Not a day older than 30" which is perfect right? Oh no, if he was a tree he would have 38 rings around that damn bitch of a trunk, 38. And I know this because last night WE celerated HIS 38th birthday right there in Headliners. At this point, his looks began to fade and his trashy aura began to become more and more apparant. We left with a "call me" from his old ass mouth and a kiss on the cheek. So this is how my latest Not-so-crush anymore became known as Mr. 38 Special, because he is IN FACT 38 years old. Congratulations Community on another winner!!!


Blogger Gumshoe said...

I am so proud of my little sister for falling for a man who although hot...let me his drivers license the year you were born. Don't judge his elderly ass for being at Headliners....we all have a little of a trashy aura about us don't we? Keep your crush...who knows where it might lead

2:58 PM  
Blogger Marie said...

What can I say, Loo Loo??? Those JA dads are hot and usually rich at that, but if they are old enough to have kids in school there, you know they had to have worked for longer than just a couple of years to pay for that bitch of a school. But hey, next time just don't tell how old he is and everyone can continue to believe he's only 30. That would definately add bonus points in his book! Loves....

4:29 PM  

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