Sunday, November 20, 2005

Age and Marital Status PLEASE!

From the dest of Community: The Head of Bad Morals and Not-So-High Standards:

Congratulations Community on yet another winner. So the first sign of bad judgement was the fact that I was sitting in the Warehouse, and no, I didn't have on a t-shirt, I had on what I thought to be a very cute and charming outfit. I was looking F-I-N-E Fine. I went up there to see a friend of mine, a physical therapist, who was in town from Shreveport and to my surprise he brought some really cute friends. So I'm sittin there sipping on my Coors Light cocktail when super cute friend comes and sits and talks to me. So we carry on a good hour long conversation and at this point I'm figuring out just when I will be able to move to Shreveport to be with him. Good news...he's 24...what could be wrong with this picture?? And then all of the sudden I look down and see this gold band wrapped around his ring finger on his left hand. OF COURSE, that's it, Community, He's MARRIED. Surely he was not hitting on me, I don't think his WIFE would have appreciated it. I mean I need a sign on my forehead that says...Age and Marital Status, please! So as he begged me to come "hang out for like 20 minutes" I decided my best bet would be to go home. Congrats on making good decisions this time. And thanks Shreveport for restoring my faith in men...really.

By The Way: Tony Stewart is fat, and Jimmie Johnson rules...


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