Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Confessions from Easy

Easy writes....
"Keep the nights by the beach as an ace in the hole
cause those are nights of passion that I know will bring her home...
Oh Laredo, don't let her go, just take her by the heart and let the wheels turn slow
Oh Laredo, you're my only hope, just take her back to the day we met
cause that's a day that she can't forget...oh but please don't let her go..OH LAREDO!!"

That's right girls, this one rewrites lyrics. Let me know if you have a favorite song and I'm sure he can rewrite it and sing it to you :)


Blogger Don said...

Hello Ladies...

I am the first non member to comment.. I think.

Just wanted to say hello since you asked me to comment. I enjoyed the other night at Buffalo Wild Wings and Jump Up, it was nice to meet you. Community, dont be embarrassed at my new found discovery. Conduct, hope you have cheered up by now.
Did you ever listel to "I will survive" by Cake? Ha.

2:16 AM  

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