Wednesday, November 30, 2005

An Excerpt from "How To Talk To A Hunter"

Okay girls...Much thanks to Mrs. Lassiter and her analysis of a short story class, because this is possibly my favorite short story in the entire world. I was lucky to have such a great story REQUIRED for my class! The author is Pam Houston, the book is called Cowboys Are My Weakness. Naturally, I fell in love...and you will too.

And then you'll bring up the word "monogamy". He will tell you how badly he was hurt by your predecessor. He'll tell you he coudn't be happier spending every night with you. He'll say there's just a few questions he doesn't have the answers for. He'll say he's just scared and confused. Of course, this isn't exactly what he means. Tell him you understand. Tell him you're scared too. Tell him to take all the time he needs...

You're best female friend will say, "You didn't tell him you loved him did you?" Don't EVEN tell her the truth. If you do, you will have to tell her that he said this : "I feel exactly the same way."

Your best male friend will say, "Didn't you know that is what would happen as soon as you said the word 'commitment' ?"
But that isn't the word that you said.
He'll say, "Commitment, monogamy, it all means just one thing."

The hunter will call you one day and say that he has a friend coming in town and can't see you. The man who has said he is not so good with words will manage to say eight things about his friend without using a gender-determining pronoun. Get out of the house quickly. Call the most understanding person you know who will let you sleep in his bed...


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