Friday, November 18, 2005

Wednesday Night Recap- You're Driving Where??

From the desk of Community, the Head of Morals and Standards

So it has been thoroughly discussed and we have come to a conclusion that driving to Hunting Camp at 6:30 at night just to see a boy does NOT make you seem needy or Ho-ish, because in all reality he DID ask you at 11 AM before any drinks had been consumed, well at least none that we know about. So you go to the Half Moon (as it is so affectionately called by 40 of these rough male creatures God put on the earth to drive us crazy), you sit there politely drinking the beer of HIS choice, and watching HIS hunting videos. That's right girls, you aren't watching The Duck Commander, or TK and Mike (Although, this video shares a close resemblence), you are watching HIS vidoes. Surprisingly it is quite funny and you want to steal it and show all your girl friends just how cute this alleged hunter looks in camo, BUT you resist, thankfully. So you sit, you laugh, you drink, and go to bed. And you go straight to bed, because you're a good girl, and that's what good girls do. So, no need to point fingers at the "Drive to Hunting Camp in the dark when its 25 degrees outside to see a boy" girl, because we have to remember, he's probably obsessed with her...why wouldn't he be?????


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