Thursday, December 08, 2005

Kyote Wylde, Bitches!!

I mean thank God for Kyote Wylde... these fine men with their four part harmony, amazing cover songs, and unbelievable good looks are coming to Jackson December 16th and 17th. So if you aren't interested in a "cocktail" type of Bobcat party then join me and the bitches at Left Field Lounge next weekend. I am so excited about this I can barely contain it. Not only do I get to see these fine boys play once, but TWICE, in a row! I mean this really puts a smile on my face and after the day I've had I needed it. These ten hour days make me so tired! Oh and don't worry, I love to see that another girl is crazy enough to write about her experiences with a boy at hunting camp too on her blog(although not nearly as funny as mine). It's crazy it just so happens she went to the very same deer camp, a week later, strangely enough with the same boy. Gah, I'm just sad I didn't sign the guest book on the way out! Oh well, like my best friend Adam says," mess with the bull, you gonna get the horns" Congratulations Community...let's try and make smarter decisions this new year!!


Blogger JumpUp said...

I mean can I pay both covers now! I'm so excited.

12:52 PM  
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