Tuesday, December 13, 2005

This Week's Picks From Community

This Week's Download Picks From The Desk Of Community: The Head Of Great Taste In

CD: Get out the blankets, start a fire, get a bottle of wine and a pack of cigarettes. Once these tasks are complete light a cigarette, curl up on the couch with a glass of wine
and listen to Ray LaMontagne's TROUBLE. The best songs on TROUBLE, the debut release from songwriter Ray LaMontagne, draw on deep wells of emotion, with LaMontagne's sandpapery voice. The title tune, "Trouble," is an instant classic, sparse and maudlin (in the best sense), and songs like "Narrow Escape," a ragged, episodic waltz, are equally impressive, with careful, cinematic lyrics that tell believable stories of wounded-hearted refugees on the hard road of life and love. Most of the tracks fall into a midtempo shuffle rhythm, so the words have to carry a lot in order to avert a sort of dull sameness, and when it works, it works big, and when it doesn't, well, LaMontagne is so serious and sincere about his craft that you tend to forgive him instantly. Sara Watkins of Nickel Creek guests on "Hannah" and the sad, somber lullaby "All the Wild Horses," playing fiddle and adding vocals. Still in love with your ex? Download "Burn" and light a cigarette, you'll need it.

SONG: If you are in the mood to hear a song that isn't about love and relationships but has a country feel check out Chris Knight's "Becky's Bible." "Becky's Bible" is a song about a man that is wanted after a gambling game turns to flying bullets after another accuses him of cheating. He is running to the swamp that he feels so familiar being on since he lived there once before. The guy never would have thought that he would shoot a man, so he wonders if Becky's Bible is in the glove box because he says "I'm sure gonna need it if that boy dies." If you like this one you will love "Down The River." According to the excellent, very well written story song, "Down the River," you better learn that there are some people you just do not mess with, especially if you want to keep yourself alive. This song tells the eerie tale of one brother's avenging the other's death. Light a cigarette and wait until the last line, because you will probably get the chills, I know I did. These two songs are great stories and are a nice change of pace from the reoccuring theme of love and hearbreak, check em out.


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