Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Welcome to Stupid City

From the Desk of Community, The Mayor of Stupid City.

When I was in highschool at the great Jackson Preparatory our head football coach, Coach Ricky Black, was obsessed with the phrase "stupid city". He told the boys all the time to "get out of 'stupid city' and get their heads in the game." Naturally, I fell in love with that phrase and now pawn it off as original material. Well now my friends and I have taken over Stupid City and here are the offices held at present: Community- Mayor of Stupid City, Murph- Secretary/ Event Coordinator of Stupid City, JumpUp- Treasurer of Stupid City, and what would a town be without Conduct as Miss Stupid City 2005-2010! We have found that throughout this year, and the 22-24 of them in the past we have lived in Stupid City, drank the Stupid water, swam in the Stupid ocean, and basked in the Stupid sun on the Stupid Beach, and this year has been one of the most productive in stupidity by these wonderful women. We have cheated, lied, helped guys cheat, believed their lies, been cheated on, and been lied to, and throughout all that we still love some of these men. Will we ever get the picture? Will we ever "get over" these men that are so aweful to us? I mean, honestly, why do we stay? The answer is simple...We will always have our stupid moments because we in fact live in Stupid City. So if you ever find yourself doing something you KNOW is stupid, but you do it anyway (i.e. driving to his house at 3 am, going to hunting camp, or being okay with the excuse "I was drunk and don't remember") ...Come visit our town for awhile, cause I promise you, there isnt anything that you consider an act of pure stupidity that we haven't already done...TWICE!! :) Welcome to our town and Merry Christmas, Bitches!


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