Monday, January 02, 2006

New Year's Eve 2006 (Next year, it's back to Dentville)

From the Desk of Community: The head of Morals and Standards

When the beginning of the night starts out with plans like "Headliner's then Pops" and " My ex boyfriend who cheated on me is coming with us" we should have known we were in for a rude awakening. The bitches decided to get completely decked out to go to Headliner's, after all there is that new bar...The Cheetah Lounge, which is a class act in intself. It actually was fun but then we went to Pops. WHY must we go to this place? If I wanted to hang out with rednecks and have a chance of seeing my piece of shit cheating lying ex boyfriend I should have gone BACK to Dentville, MS where we spent such a great New Year's together last year in the middle of NOWHERE!!! But hey! At least there were clean bathrooms there and people under the age of 50! Again, I say, I am never going back to that hell hole. The sad thing is out of the 5 of us that ended up there...3 were Jackson Prep graduates , 1 was from Copiah Academy, and one from Hilcrest. Didn't these private school educations teach us anything? The night just got worse, but we'll just blame it on Conduct and Shmeston who locked us out of the apartment till 5 am. Thanks again, Conduct! Surely 2006 will end up better than this roller coaster ride of a night that we had. Let's not forget the one's who made an impact on us (mostly bad impacts)...Kelly ( you owe me hundreds of dollars in therapy, asshole), Jeremy (the newlywed soon-to- be dad), Kevin (the nascar- loving ass!!!), Preston (really? whose pink thongs WERE those??) Congratulations girls on a YEAR of winners. Here is to this year being about OURSELVES and not damn boys! Remember our motto..."I don't chase em', I replace em!" Happy New Years, Bitches!


Blogger JumpUp said...

We should send a congrats out to Kevin and Candi and best wishes on a happy 2006!!! Even though New Year's was crazy, there was no one I would have rather spent it with than my crazy ass friends - Lindz, Jess, Sara - love ya more than life itself!!

9:22 PM  
Blogger Conduct said...

Was it really that bad??? I don't remember it that way...

9:38 PM  

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