Friday, April 14, 2006

FYI: These Tables are Reserved

Oh last night was a night of champions. The pictures have been taken, the whiskey has been drunk, the stupid decisions have been made, and the DTR's have commenced per Conduct, or as I like to call her Dr. Phil. Conduct called it yesterday in the previous blog. She foresaw all of these actions taking place, and once again, Dr. Phil (The LOVE Dr.) was right. When will we ever learn that when we get drunk we spout off at the mouth? We confess our love, and our hate to about everyone at the bar. I think it is something in those famous Weldon Whiskey Drinks. Speaking of Weldon, and alluding to the title of the current blog we have to talk about something. Last night upon arrival to the bar, our tables that we always sit in right by Weldon's bar, had RESERVED signs on them. At first, I was disgusted, what trashy Hinds CC students have gotten a reserved table at the VooDoo Lounge??? But with one look from Weldon, I realized...Those tables...were for the bitches. That's right, we had reserved seating last night to conduct all of our affairs...or maybe it was because we were all guests of Dr. Phil. We might never know why, but we know that that is how the bitches roll.

Happy Hangovers Bitches!!!


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