Thursday, April 13, 2006


I'm not really sure, but I think that everyone has lost interest in the blog... Well, I think that it's time to bring it back! There truly isn't a better way to get this going than for me to make some of my ever - so - hilarious predictions for the night.

So it's Thursday and anybody that knows any of us is aware of the routine... Stay off Lakeland drive and surrounding areas because 8 - 10 girls are frantically driving home from work just to get showered and put on their jeans and bar shirts to make the 8:45 sprint to Mardi Gras to throw the victory flag upon our favorite table right next to Weldon our favorite drink-maker. Shortly thereafter, Jim is served and usually 2 drinks in a bunch of girls start to let their inner Beyonce out and mingle around the dance floor to classy music like "I'm in Love with a Stripper". Let's take a step back and make some predictions based on prior events... *DISCLAIMER: If you think that you might get mad or get your feelings hurt DO NOT SCROLL DOWN! I'm about to make fun of us all!!!!

1. Who is going to be the first girl to run across the bar and flail around the table yelling, "Over here!!! I got one!!!" I mean it's not like we're out hunting or something. I'm not sure if anyone noticed but me, but last week we flew in that place on Saturday night like a bunch of rich girls going to a sale at Neiman Marcus. Maybe we got a little too excited...

2. Which new dance moves are Beyonce and Kelly gonna bring out this week??? We've talked about it and decided that we are currently holding auditions for the new Michelle. Get ready for a killer dance-off

3. Which brings me to my next question... Who got the memo telling us that it was okay for us to grind on each other??? There have been instances where for a brief moment we could have been mistaken for a pack of two-dollar whores. But, it was in good fun. I'm making a mental note to myself -- as well as Carrie -- no more sexual dancing WITH EACH OTHER!!!

4. Remember last week when we were mistaken for Hinds Community College students??? Were we really acting that way??? Point made.

5. Who is going to be Jump-Up's guy of the night??? The choices are endless... Word up, Cully, Woody, Chris Smith, Vaiden, oh the list could go on and on... That's fun in its self!!!

6. Who will Conduct make out with??? I bet I don't even have to answer that one for ya'll

7. How many pictures will Em take tonight???

8. Who's gonna kiss Hector tonight??? Conduct or Beyonce??? If I were a betting woman I'd go with neither!

I could do this all day, but I think that since it's sunny I'm about to go lay by the pool so i'll look super goddess bronzed tonight. Get excited Girls!!! It's Ladies Night, BITCHES!!!


Blogger JumpUp said...

Oh my!! You should not make me laugh so hard at work!!! Can we take out real names though? I wouldn't want the boys to know about their competition.

8:30 AM  

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